A veteran producer known for her high quality projects, Paula has worked almost solely from literary source material. She has taken numerous plays from stage to screen including THE SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, and SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA. Among other titles, she produced CORRINA, CORRINA starring Whoopi Goldberg, NIM’S ISLAND starring Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin, and she directed the award-winning documentary BAKERSFIELD COUNTRY. Also a screenwriter, Paula co-wrote NIM’S ISLAND, has adapted the novel TANGERINE for HBO, and adapted WISHING MOON for DreamWorks Animation. Paula’s film and television work has won Academy, Ace, Emmy, Spirit, and American Comedy Awards. Her films have been invited to numerous film festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, and Toronto. She is married with two children and lives in Santa Monica, California.